Ignoring entirely the most important tool in my arsenal, namely coffee, here’s what I’m currently using in my setup:


Minimalism is my mantra, so ignoring my iPhone and the typical glass of water that’s always nearby, this is the view of my world:


  • 2021 M1 iPad Pro, 8GB RAM, 512GB storage
  • Magic Keyboard
  • Apple Pencil

not pictured:

- iPhone 7+ (soon to be replaced with either 12 Mini or Pro)
- old iPad Air 2 which my wife will likely inherit for couch surfing
- Apple TV non-4K version


Here’s a non-exhaustive list of my most commonly used applications:


  • Ulysses
  • Drafts
  • NetNewsWire (with Feedbin syncing)
  • Things & Reminders (for task management)
  • Uploader (for my blog)
  • Messages
  • Safari
  • Mail
  • Pocket Casts/Overcast
  • Day One
  • Notes (for simple long-term storage, as well as shared items with work and my wife)
  • Books
  • Music


  • Jump Desktop (VNC)
  • Blink Shell/Secure Shellfish (remote terminal and file access)
  • Outlook
  • Slack (ugh)



  • Leuchtturm1917 dot-grid notebook
  • Rhodia dot-grid notebook with Clairefontaine paper (not pictured)
  • Field Notes
  • Lamy 2000 fountain pen, EF nib
  • Staedtler Pigment Liner 0.3mm
  • Kuru Toga pencil


  • Baratza Virtuoso grinder
  • Hario Buono gooseneck kettle
  • Chemex (6-cup), V60, Aeropress and French Press (mostly drink pourover)
  • AWS SC-2KGA scale
  • good fresh whole beans
  • Brita water
  • 2 to 4 minutes of patience
  • mad home-barista skills

(Updated as of Feb 04, 2022)