From @Gaby over on who wrote a great post about why and how he blogs:

I have gone through many stages. At first, I wanted to be — unknown to myself at the time — a brand. I wanted to write and blog like the blogs I was reading at the time, most of them — if not all of them — tech related.

I had this same debate what to write about when I was starting my blog. It was far too easy to keep putting it off from the fear of not knowing what my niche would be. I felt like I needed a specific focus and purpose to my writing, and a plan for my content. It’s so easy to get creatively trapped by the need to put up fake guidelines that only serve to become a barrier to entry.

I pour out all my feelings, snippets of my life, photos, the things I like. I write about anything and everything that it’s in my head.

I still do enjoy the occasional tech blogs, but I do enjoy personal blogs more.

Write about what you love, what inspires you, and what you want to share with the world. Perhaps a niche of content matter will come to the forefront in the process, or perhaps as Gaby mentions it will remain whatever your heart desires. This is part of the reason why my trial of Plausible on my site was short lived. I didn’t want to be subconsciously lured into writing about what gets the most views, rather to write without borders and restrictions. I quickly discovered the stats don’t matter to me whatsoever…

…what really matters are the words.

When the Silence Was Deafening

Never forget the day the world changed

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autumn leaves singing
serenade us blissfully
through the winds of change

Posted in #SeptemberScrawls - Day 10

sword edge glistening,
beauty betrayed by the blood
it drinks in battle.

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Building Blocks

Children aren’t afraid to rearrange their LEGO™ blocks, perhaps we should do the same

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Balancing Our Attention Budget

Perhaps this deficit is more important than money and pinball…

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Never Forget Where You Came From

There’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough for it

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Clack, Clack, Ping!

smells of antique things permeates the case as the lid opens thoughts, words, and wisdoms long recorded for posterity an entire history penned notes, letters, poems, and novels scribed to hopefully feel no less indelible than the joy of the beautiful machine simple looking, but that belies its immense power to allow us to taste immortality through words sharing stories that create entire worlds in our mind just as vivid as our reality a literary masterpiece a letter home to mom during a war amorous poetic tidbits to that crush sitting beside you in class what wondrous and inspiring moments revealed by the chattering of the keys

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like a changing of the guards the sumac signals from its bastion points alongside the road ocular chromatic cues of amber and crimson a layered dabbing of a painters brush on nature’s lush canvas subtle signs of the coming artistic masterpiece Earth long bathed in a deep solar sauna weary to its core does it exhale deep breaths of freedom cool sighs of relief in preparation for its grand metamorphosis in a cacophony of a windy orchestra the fresh scents of change tickling our olfactory senses with each inhale reminding us of the impermanence in all things of the chameleon underneath our feet

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It's Alive...

Because sooner or later, everyone has to do some dogfooding

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