Life’s Embers

What is the kindling that stokes the fire of life as its flames burn and crackle through time?

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Seems to be a pre-Christmas problem here tonight…

shitter’s full.

(If you get it, you get it) 🎄

Ominous beauty in the skies of lastnight’s windstorm.

Enjoy reading books? John Philpin (@JohnPhilpin) has a terrific idea to start a Readers Club. If you’re a micro blogger bookworm and are interested, please take the opportunity to fill out the survey form!

Santa never pursued his dreams of becoming a lawyer. Probably a good thing, he would’ve been confused by all those legal clauses.

CNN is “news” like Velveeta is cheese.

Brilliant. 💯

The only NFT I would buy would be one that permanently locks out any future NFTs from being created.

Another great writers meetup session today with @cygnoir, @pratik, @kimberlyhirsh, and @V_. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and inspiration! Really enjoying the opportunity to reflect on our projects and joys of writing, and looking forward to the next one.

I’m thoroughly disgusted by the fact that while dozens of people have died in Kentucky, and others in a collapsed Amazon facility in Illinois from the tornado outbreaks in the Central U.S., Jeff Bezos still has the ignorance and tone deafness to launch entitled rich people into space.

When did our priorities come to this?

T-minus six sleeps and counting until vacation. 😏