The perfect Christmas mug doesn’t ex…

Photo of Lampoons Christmas Vacation inspired mug, with the quote: “Hallelujah, holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol!?

Relaxing Sunday night achieved:

✅ Freshly showered.
✅ Beard oiled.
❌ Hair styled… well shit.

Can’t win ‘em all.

Selfie portrait of a cleaned and refreshed me.

📱 Current @gaby inspired Home Screen.

iPhone Home Screen with small widget stack in the top left corner. Starting from top right corner and reading left to right, apps are: Ulysses, Notes, Reeder, Drafts, Toot!, Glass, Apollo, Discord,, Epilogue, Mimi, Pocket Casts. Wallpaper is a dark space theme, with a blueish tinted and haloed moon.

Behold, I give you the Griswald family Christmas tree.

A photo of the biggest poinsettia I’ve ever seen.

In case you were wondering, yes. Taking the wrapping off this monster was equivalent to when Clark W. cut the binding.

There’s a certain feeling of safety I enjoy when I come home for the day, and immediately change into my comfy clothes. Anyone else with me on this?


Give me a fish and, yes, you’ll feed me for a day. Teach me how to fish and I’d still rather eat lasagna.


I’ve never been a person who lets trends dictate what I do. I don’t care that wearing a fedora is outdated, or that beards are apparently no longer cool. As Sammy Davis Jr. sung best, I Gotta Be Me.


First off, if you’re not already subscribed to Annie Mueller’s blog, please do yourself a favour and add it. Then go and read this post: I carry myself a little different.

“You don’t get to choose whether the pain marks you. But you get to decide what the marks mean.”


My motivation and butt grooves in my chair are both telling me it’s time for another coffee.


Remember, the future will always be uncertain. The best commitment you can make to yourself is right now, today.