Introducing a new video game to be modelled after current life and society. Like Age of Empires, only it would be called Age of Entitlement.

Whoever shows up first to login, wins.

Honour the memory and sacrifices of those who fought to protect us.


November 11th, Lest We Forget 🌺

Print worthy quote by @archimage:

Don’t forget that if you hate what you have become, there are still people who love and cherish you. There is always time to change.

These are just beautifully wise words.

When it rains it pours, apparently:

Instead of writing big cheques to fight climate change, billionaires should just pay taxes: environmentalist

Tesla stock has worst day in 8 months as investors digest Musk’s potential $15B tax bill

I’ve heard people laugh at the future ideals espoused by Star Trek where money — and its greedily crafted and manipulated inequality by the elites — no longer exists. But do they laugh because they think it’s an unobtainable utopian dream, or merely to mask their own anger at bullshit like this? I fear we’re on the path to a complete societal collapse, and like climate change I’m not sure we have the capacity — or political will — to stop it.

The typography nerd in me is simply blown away by the design, readability, and seemingly endless functionality in Gwern Branwen’s site. The writing and scientific nerd in me can’t even process the level of detail he’s looking at…

I love everything about this.

Anyone using Ulysses for their writing would be well served by reading Josh Ginter’s deep dive article on his writing workflow.

I especially liked his kanban configuration in the app, minimizing the folder layout in favour of tags. As someone who’s on a mission to bring all of my writing into Ulysses, having a clean and simple setup is worth its weight in gold.

Haven’t pulled the trigger on this cart yet, but close…

Came across this in my feeds:

‘Trojan Source’ Bug Threatens the Security of All Code

While I don’t understand everything this article talks about, at face value it seems really fuckin’ bad. Is it just me, or do we suck at security?

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October Photoblog Thirty-One 📷

PSA: Always make sure to sample your Halloween tarts as soon as you get them [home]. 🎃 — suggested by @agilelisa