I feel seen… 😂

Screenshot of CARROT weather saying “It’s nice out. I wonder when the other shoe is going to drop.

I’m back to using the 4:6 method for my V60 brews, and it makes a stellar cup of coffee. In case you’re curious here are my details:

  • 18g coffee, 300g water (approx 1:16 ratio)
  • 26 grind on Virtuoso
  • peak temp. on Stagg kettle

a phantom lurking
revealed only in shadows
casting behind us


thunder echoes within the hollowness
reverberating through empty chambers
a heart of stone

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Today, tell your father you love him. One of these times you’ll also have to say goodbye first.

I love you dad, and miss you deeply.

RIP 1927-2021 💔

Picture of a framed photo of my dad and I skiing when I was young, taken last Christmas and silhouetted by lights

Behold, this is my resting summer “fuck this” face.

Just watched this ASMR video of a V60 porn…I mean pour over, and now I feel like I should delete my browser history.

James Hoffmann: Sounds of Coffee

This video by Chris Lawley takes an honest and exciting look at where iPadOS is headed, and I agree that big things are on the horizon:

What iPadOS 16 Means for iPad Users - YouTube

If you’re an iPad user and not already following Chris, you owe it to yourself to fix that.

Off The Trolley

It was a quick stop at the proverbial pub, but the taps were mostly dry.

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Gotta love getting an email from the OLG (Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation) advising they’ll start charging fees if my account goes unused for long enough. Yet the funds I deposit in the account are my own money. They’re basically forcing me to use the account and keep buying tickets. I decided to do them one better and close the account, only for their site to tell me I need to call support to do that.

How is this even legal?