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enthralled by the music,
not of instruments
but of the crunching of snow under foot,
and her breath against my chest.
a blissful serenade of white gold
and crisp chill winds whispering through the dark,
welcoming her to share in my warmth.
losing ourselves in the nocturnal artwork,
a masterful stellar mosaic
smiling down from above,
watching us share our moment.

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(Longing for peaceful winter walks with my wife again)

provide her comfort
a blanket of warm shelter
safe haven from storms

Posted in #SeptemberScrawls - Day 16

(Dedicated to my wonderful wife)

synapses firing,
cerebral supernovas
illume the neural dark.

Posted in #SeptemberScrawls - Day 13

autumn leaves singing
serenade us blissfully
through the winds of change

Posted in #SeptemberScrawls - Day 10

sword edge glistening,
beauty betrayed by the blood
it drinks in battle.

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Clack, Clack, Ping!

smells of antique things permeates the case as the lid opens thoughts, words, and wisdoms long recorded for posterity an entire history penned notes, letters, poems, and novels scribed to hopefully feel no less indelible than the joy of the beautiful machine simple looking, but that belies its immense power to allow us to taste immortality through words sharing stories that create entire worlds in our mind just as vivid as our reality a literary masterpiece a letter home to mom during a war amorous poetic tidbits to that crush sitting beside you in class what wondrous and inspiring moments revealed by the chattering of the keys

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like a changing of the guards the sumac signals from its bastion points alongside the road ocular chromatic cues of amber and crimson a layered dabbing of a painters brush on nature’s lush canvas subtle signs of the coming artistic masterpiece Earth long bathed in a deep solar sauna weary to its core does it exhale deep breaths of freedom cool sighs of relief in preparation for its grand metamorphosis in a cacophony of a windy orchestra the fresh scents of change tickling our olfactory senses with each inhale reminding us of the impermanence in all things of the chameleon underneath our feet

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watching from afar
powerless to stop the pain
shackling my weary heart

#haiku #poetry

The cosmic vacuum
Stars serenade the darkness
With orchestral light.

#haiku #poetry

hearts pressed together
sharing their soulful music
the lovers embrace

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