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snowy ribbons drift
a blustery winter kiss
dances on asphalt


stoic warriors guardians in the wooden trenches of wisdom and wonder an immortal and infallible army forming an unbreakable line with every fallen comrade comes another quickly joining the ranks and taking up arms spines flashing the colour of their uniforms and a solitary bookmark like the standard bearer’s flag rousing the tireless troops for theirs is an endless battle in pursuits of knowledge, inspiration, and imagination forever shining a guiding light

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in quiet solitude, reflections of our own mind cast upon the shadowed still lake of entropy. loosing ourselves in silent pauses between the storms that would crash waves upon the shore. moments that provide a mirror to see ourselves in the truth of whom we really are. a quiet peace between the chaos, when our heart speaks a passion that dare not be muffled by the noise of the world,

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ink flows from the nib
a creative aqueduct
giving life to prose

Posted in #SeptemberScrawls - Day 24

enthralled by the music,
not of instruments
but of the crunching of snow under foot,
and her breath against my chest.
a blissful serenade of white gold
and crisp chill winds whispering through the dark,
welcoming her to share in my warmth.
losing ourselves in the nocturnal artwork,
a masterful stellar mosaic
smiling down from above,
watching us share our moment.

Posted in #SeptemberScrawls - Day 17

(Longing for peaceful winter walks with my wife again)

provide her comfort
a blanket of warm shelter
safe haven from storms

Posted in #SeptemberScrawls - Day 16

(Dedicated to my wonderful wife)

synapses firing,
cerebral supernovas
illume the neural dark.

Posted in #SeptemberScrawls - Day 13

autumn leaves singing
serenade us blissfully
through the winds of change

Posted in #SeptemberScrawls - Day 10

sword edge glistening,
beauty betrayed by the blood
it drinks in battle.

Posted in #SeptemberScrawls - Day 9