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One of my favourite times of the year is fast approaching; the switch to standard time. There’s a peacefulness and serenity to nighttime that I completely love. When the incessant humming of constant busyness is replaced by the quiet whispers of autumn breezes, and rustling leaves. 🌃🦉

Caved today and bought myself some new jeans, a belt, underwear, and a couple of t-shirts. Seeing the totals at the till, I was quickly reminded of the fact that weight loss is expensive when parts of your wardrobe no longer fit.

I should’ve become a nudist.

Welcome to the duality of weight loss, where you can be both ecstatic and irritated that your pants don’t fit.

49 Sol orbits officially completed.

And to think I don’t feel a day over 49.

When eating cashews, do you also put them in a bowl so you can dump the last tiny, salty bits from the bag directly into your gullet? Or are you some kind of animal?

Asking for a friend.

How I imagine conversations in the homes of politicians play out—some much more than others:

Them: “To be clear, I will continue to make difficult decisions. Unlike the previous occupants of this house, I believe in accountability.”

Spouse: “I asked if you want cheese sauce on your broccoli.”