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As someone who’s had the misfortune to catch a glimpse of this on TV:

Please no. Just no.


Behold, Canadian summer inequality at its finest. Oh, Southern Ontario, how I loathe you.

Temperature map showing Southern Ontario, Southern Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia suffering in summer heat. The rest of Canada is enjoying tolerable temperatures, and I'm left questioning my life choices living here.

Hailing frequencies closed.

R.I.P. Nichelle Nichols 💔

Fed an ant to the spider living in the corner of our bathroom, in case anyone’s curious how my day is going.

Despite achieving #FuckCOVID level 4 today, my super powers have yet to awaken. How long before I can request a refund?

I’m back to using the 4:6 method for my V60 brews, and it makes a stellar cup of coffee. In case you’re curious here are my details:

  • 18g coffee, 300g water (approx 1:16 ratio)
  • 26 grind on Virtuoso
  • peak temp. on Stagg kettle

Today, tell your father you love him. One of these times you’ll also have to say goodbye first.

I love you dad, and miss you deeply.

RIP 1927-2021 💔

Picture of a framed photo of my dad and I skiing when I was young, taken last Christmas and silhouetted by lights

Behold, this is my resting summer “fuck this” face.