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New B5 themed phone setup. This is one of my favourites, and a re-watch is called for methinks.

iPhone home and lock screen setup. Lock screen has an Earth Alliance wallpaper from the Babylon 5 sci-fi series. No widgets, and gold coloured digital clock font. Home Screen has a CARROT Weather widget at the top, two rows of icons, and a blurred version of the same wallpaper.

Reminder at this special time of the year to double-check your supply of coffee will last the whole week, taking into account multiple cups each day.

This PSA been brought to you by Daylight Stupidity Time; needlessly robbing people of well-deserved sleep since World War One.

Happiness is the root system of our life. Only with care and nourishment will it grow and flourish.

Me: “Hey Siri, fifteen minute timer.”

Siri: “There are no timers set.”

Perhaps SkyNet is still a ways off after all.

Was recently referred to Vuk Andric’s work, and he easily has some of the best wallpapers I’ve ever seen. Do yourself a favour and go check out his talent.

Quickly I’m reminded of the pain in grief. I watched the Simpsons when Homer and Marge sing Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, the very song my father sung to me as a kid. I long for the day this gets easier.

I miss you, dad. ❤️