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Thinking of taking a Canadian trip on my vacation in July, and can’t decide between B.C. or Newfoundland. Haven’t seen the coast of BC (only interior), versus NL to which I’ve never been. I’d love to see the mountains again, but pictures I’ve seen of the east coast are stunning.

Any thoughts?

I was just reminded of a vehicle with a “Freedom” decal, no doubt in support of recent insurrections in Ottawa. To those people I say this:

If your freedom is so infringed upon living here, feel free to go to Ukraine and pick up a weapon. If you survive, then you can tell me about your freedom.

My toxic trait is rancid gas after eating egg salad. Am I doing this right?

Just saw one of the coolest and geekiest blog themes ever, over on Loura’s site. Between the UNIX terminal design, BeOS-esque icon homepage, and vibes of an old school BBS, I can almost hear the modem sounds as these pages load. 😍

It’s ironic — but perhaps no coincidence — that some of the most enjoyable rituals are those that completely eschew technology.

I’m a bit miffed Lookup didn’t use my picture for this.

A definition image from the Lookup app for the word “knackered”, meaning very tired or exhausted. There’s a silhouette of a person hunched over in fatigue, and it should be my face instead.

Really enjoyed today’s Micro Camp! Can’t think of a better welcome than listening to Om Malik’s words of wisdom, and I gleaned some great insights from the and photography discussions. Best of all, sharing some great conversations with some familiar and new faces along the way.


Why are Mac users so unhappy with their Mac?

I’ve written here many times about my gradual transition to being a full time iPad user. It was gradual and complete. I learned iPadOS and became comfortable with it… But throughout that time I’ve generally been satisfied, no, delighted by the iPad. I don’t spend my time longing for the iPad to have Mac features or to have it be a Mac.

Denny is spot on with this analysis of the seemingly never-ending criticism of the iPad. There’s literally a device for everyone; this doesn’t mean one’s inferior because it doesn’t fit an individual’s workflow.