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Flawed Diamonds

There are some things they never teach you in school, the most important of those being that life is an imperfect diamond. No doubt, it still is a precious gem to be enjoyed and cherished. It has smooth sections when you feel on top of the world, and moments that shine like The Sun’s reflection on a still lake during a cool autumn day, that serve to remind you the joys of being alive.

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Duelling Dualities

There’s a cruel and unforgiving irony to the phrase “one who suffers in silence.” That so called silence that only people outward to the pain are only sometimes aware of — though sadly, are usually not — has a punishing counterpart for the person fighting unseen, unheard, and unending battles every single day. A brutally drawn out war against an evil and very vocal doppelgänger to that silence, fought amongst a field of synapses and biochemical signals in one’s mind.

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The End of My Beginning

The worst dreams and aspirations are the ones that quite often go unfulfilled. Never to see the light of day. Never to bring a smile to your face, or the faces of those you get to share them with. Never to become a shining beacon of positivity; a faithful personal lighthouse guiding your way as you set sail upon the open waters of life. A reminder that the most important things lie ahead of you, not behind, and while they may be out of direct vision they will quickly become clear so long as you remain steadfast, and true to yourself.

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