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I feel a sense of peace of mind here. Where social media feels like a busy commercial area, full of flashing lights and noise, this is more like a quiet home in a quiet neighborhood. All of these things are why I’m an advocate of owning your own webspace. Largely, because it’s your own webspace. Not Meta’s, not Twitter’s (or whatever the fuck they’ll call themself in 24 hours), nobody else. It’s yours. Own it.

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This entire post—and the one it replies to—is a great read, but I especially love this take on what a personal blog provides.

I often hear people ask, but what can I do. My own sister asked this question a week ago after listening to me go on and on for the thousandth time about how we’re not doing enough. So, I’ve made a list. It’s long. It’s not complete.

First, begin by looking at how you live. Our lives our diffirent. My li…

As if reading my mind, Denny adds to my own thoughts on solving climate change…

Please go and read his excellent list, this is important.

"Stop Scrolling Past This" 🔗

Halsted M. Bernard (@cygnoir) shared this eye-opening post about the attacks happening not only on libraries and staff, but our very freedoms of learning, and access to information. Beyond being an important article, it was also a passionate plea for all of us to wake up and do something about it: “My entire career has been founded on the principles of intellectual freedom, so I don’t have the luxury of scrolling past any of this.

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First off, if you’re not already subscribed to Annie Mueller’s blog, please do yourself a favour and add it. Then go and read this post: I carry myself a little different.

“You don’t get to choose whether the pain marks you. But you get to decide what the marks mean.”


Refocus On Creating

When I’m frustrated about something I can’t directly control, I’ve learned that the best thing to do is to refocus on creating something new. There is a lot to do. Manton Reece This is in my bookmarks for good reason. Enough getting in my own way, it’s time to take this advice to heart again.

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