black and white selfie of me with shaved head, and big beard

Hi, my name’s Pete and welcome to my weblog!

Former cute baby, current bearded smartass, future embarrassment, permanent geek. Full of puns, coffee, useless factoids, and sometimes lasagna. Avid reader and aspiring author, and an unapologetic iPad-only user — yes, one of those people — who’s been a techie since before the internet was cool, and when cell phones could be used as blunt instruments. Lover of typewriters, fountain pens, analogue tools, and the em dash. Perfecting the ass grooves in my chair since 1974.

Opinions expressed may not reflect much of anything, but I make up for them with sheer wit, determination, and unquestioning good looks. Note the last point is probably just an opinion.

For a list of the gear and tools that make me and my life tick, check out my Uses page.

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