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Autumn smiles and walking for miles

A beautiful photo montage from today’s walk.

The only thing better than walking for joy and fitness, is being serenaded at the same time by nature’s orchestra of vibrant hues, gradients, and rustling breezes in the trees. This is the time of the year I feel truly alive.

A tree sitting against the backdrop of a cloudless, bright blue sky. The leaves are subtle green and yellow at the bottom, bright orange and yellow in the middle, and a deep red at the top.

Shot taken down close to the road, with it hooking slightly to the right up ahead. There is a canopy of trees overhead, casting shadows on the two houses off to the right. The top right colours of leaves are bright read and orange, and along the left are a group of trees with colours ranging from green, yellow, orange, and a few clusters of red. Farther down the road in the middle of the view are trees that are completely bright yellow. The curb along the bottom left of the frame is dotted all along with clusters of fallen leaves in all colours.

Macro shot of a cluster of bright red berries (I believe Rowan Tree), that fell to the side of the road right next to the curb. The twig that held them is still attached, and has two bright green leaves.

Macro shot of a fallen maple leaf on the pavement. Its colours are in a diagonal gradient—yellow on the bottom right, transitioning to orange and red hues on the top left. All around and behind it is the texture of the pavement itself, with light grey stones all throughout a darker slate grey. Strewn about are light brown (evergreen?) needles.

Another macro shot of a cluster of fallen leaves along the side of the road. The most prominent one—another maple leaf—is upside down in frame. The stem side of the leaf has a rich orange colour that travels along each of the veins, but turns to light red and then a dark, almost purplish hue of red at each tip of the leaf.

Perspective black and white shot taken down close to the sidewalk, which travels upward along a hill with the road along the right. Flanking the left of the frame is a concrete block retaining wall, with clusters of fallen leaves all along the bottom of the wall and left of the sidewalk. There are groups of trees overhanging the wall and sidewalk all along the view. In the right middle of the frame are a thick cluster of trees.

Black and white shot taken of my elongated shadow being cast on the road, with the sun moving lower behind me. The section of road is actually free of leaves, and the top right of the frame has an also leaf-free section of grass running along the road.

Macro shot of (you guessed it) three maple leaves, again along the side of the road. All have shadows being cast in the 10 o’clock position. The two on the left have gradients of orange to yellow, while the larger one on the left is mostly a pinkish-red hue. Off in the top right is a smaller mostly green leaf that probably feels suspiciously out of place next to its colourful brethren.

Macro shot of a banana yellow coloured fire hydrant, with the number 431 in black along the top. Just below the number is an orange-brown patch of rust that has eaten through the paint. The right hand side of the hydrant has a shadow cast over it. Behind it and to the right are the blurred silhouettes of a house, driveway, and vibrant green grass dotted with fallen leaves of various colours.

Close up shot of the “knot” of a tree where part of a branch was cut off. Around the edge of the knot is a raised area of growth, which then transitions into the rest of the branch. The thick and varied texture of the bark is prominent, and the blurred silhouette of blue sky can be seen between the branches at the top. Along the bottom left the blurred silhouette of grass littered with yellow and brown leaves can be seen.

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