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Beyond exciting to see Apple announce Final Cut and Logic Pro apps are coming to the iPad. It’s finally happening; the platform is joining the ranks of the big boys in town. The fact we’re living in a time when this calibre of app can run on a slab of glass is truly incredible. Using the iPad still feels like a joy to this very day. Tony Stark would be envious watching apps, files, and other elements being dragged around, but this is next level. Arguably these two apps are the crème de la crème of Apple’s ecosystem.

I’ll be very interested to see what else is unveiled at WWDC. With any luck they will bring multitrack audio handling and recording to the device. This would be a huge boon to podcasters, and is honestly the last “holdout” feature I’m looking for. I use that term loosely, of course, as the iPad is already my dream computer, but what’s one more spoonful of icing on the cake…

Bravo, Apple, and well played.

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