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"Stop Scrolling Past This" 🔗

Halsted M. Bernard (@cygnoir) shared this eye-opening post about the attacks happening not only on libraries and staff, but our very freedoms of learning, and access to information. Beyond being an important article, it was also a passionate plea for all of us to wake up and do something about it:

“My entire career has been founded on the principles of intellectual freedom, so I don’t have the luxury of scrolling past any of this. I don’t get to say, “Whoa, that sucks,” and then go about my day.”

It’s both sobering and terrifying to see and read what’s happening around libraries, books, and the open pursuit of knowledge being banned. As someone who not only loves the library, but also thought many times of becoming a librarian, this pisses me off. Dystopian events like this were depicted in works of fiction, but were supposed to remain that way. Instead, we have a real world Handmaid’s Tale unfolding before our very eyes.

If this doesn’t deeply disturb and trouble you, it should.

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