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When Inspiration Strikes

A quick journey around my home yielded a treasure trove of shots, and quickly resulting smiles.

Autumn never fails to disappoint, especially this one with some of the most vibrant colours we’ve had in years:

Photo: A large tree in the right of frame with gradient of colours from green on the bottom to orange and yellow at the top. Bright blue sky with wispy clouds in left of frame, with a smaller bright red and orange tree in the corner. Photo: Portrait of bush with rocks in the background, and focus on bright red leaves and berries. Photo: Perspective shot of another short bush with bright red leaves, dark charcoal coloured mulch, and bright blue sky in the corner. Photo: Macro shot of an orange leaf on the shadowed underside of a tree, with the light shining through. Photo: Portrait shot of a needle bunch of a spruce tree turned a lovely shade of brown, with bright green needles in the background. Photo: A single orange, red, and brown fallen leaf on the sidewalk.

This capture of sunlight beaming through vertical blinds in our hallway made for an eerie pre-Halloween view:

Photo: Capture inside my hallway with the early evening sun beaming through vertical blinds against the wall. The shot is black and white, with only the light visible and everything else darkened out.

Golden hour at its finest:

Photo: An early evening sunset with a gradient in the sky from blue at the top to yellowish at the bottom. Silhouettes of the houses and a pine tree are at the bottom and right corner. About halfway up in the sky are pink clouds highlighted by the setting sun.

Nature’s textures:

Photo: Macro shot of a rock bed, with two large rocks in focus silhouetted by the rest of the bed dotted with some autumn leaves.

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