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Link: The week the open web won

Terrific article by Heather Burns, and more incontrovertible proof why blogging at your own home on the web is important:

So to me, this blog represents the original promise of the open web.

The one that’s here, and still is here, and always has been here, and is available to you.

Right now.

The one where you can speak the truths that you believe without the permission, or the editorial control, or the power dynamics, of anyone claiming to hold authority over you; or, perhaps, anyone keen to impose it.

I’m still nodding my head after reading this. Your own personally controlled home on the web is an extension of your personality, aspirations, thoughts, and dreams. It’s a place where you can be your authentic self, not what the algorithm believes is popular and how you should be. No pressure to keep up to the latest trends, or cater to the latest vitriol.

Carte blanche.

Tabula rasa.

The independent blog is a blank canvas to bring your own work of art to life. Painting with thoughts and prose, musings and mental meanderings. A creation to leave your impressionistic mark on the minds of others. Just like a treasured gallery piece, a uniquely one of a kind manifestation of yourself shared with the world. The blog is all yours.

And just as Heather brilliantly points out, it means you’ve already won.

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