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Hitchens for

”An inarguably well designed theme”. Ported from and based on Hitchens for Jekyll, by Pat Dryburgh.



CSS variables

Note: at some point I’m going to update this theme to work with Hugo 0.91, which has SASS compiling. These variables and exceptions listed below may change at that point. These are found near the top of the CSS file in the :root code block

–body-bg: #fede00;

–body-rgba: rgba(254, 222, 0, 1);

–article-bg: white;

–body-text: #0b0404;

–highlight: rgb(255, 245, 178);

–muted-text: #64644B;

–font-family: “EB Garamond”;

–post-shadow: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);

Post Excerpts

Code example

`<!--excerpt-->Type your post excerpt/summary here<!--more-->```


Blockquotes and Epigraphs


Asides and Figures

Code Example



<img src=“source_image_location.jpg” alt=“image_description” />

<figcaption>This is an example of a figure caption</figcaption>



Divider elements

Installing the theme

Hitchens is available as a full plugin on Before installing Hitchens be sure to remove any custom CSS, other theme plugins, and set your template to blank. Then save the changes, after which you can install the plugin for this theme. If things aren’t working or displaying properly, you may have to remove all plugins first, save the changes and install Hitchens, then add back the other plugins. Once the theme is successfully installed, you can configure the subtitle and mailto parameters as explained below:

Changing the “subtitle” and “mailto” parameters in config.json

Hitchens includes a configurable subtitle, as well as a reply via email function where readers can respond to your posts using email if they so choose. Once you’ve installed the theme plugin on your account per the above instructions, these parameters can be adjusted in the plugin settings. These new parameter values should be kept anytime the plugin receives an update to its codebase.



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Index post

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Search results

Post Page

Single post

Content Page

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Ported to by

Pete Moore


Licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE( file for more details.

The themes repo can be found here.

It’s also live now in the plug-ins directory on!


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