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Micro Blog Writers' Meetup: Feedback Wanted

Hello, micro bloggers. We’re coming to you today to get input on creating a meetup for writers on Writers of all levels are welcome. You might be dreaming of writing a novel, working on essays, writing poetry, or still discovering what your subject matter is. What we have in common is that we’re passionate about writing, we want to develop our skills, and we hope to develop a supportive writer community.

What’s the format?

We’ll meet over Zoom, and we’ll likely cap each meeting at 6 attendees to allow for good conversation. You can expect each meetup to include a brief check in from each member, a discussion topic, and a closing check-out. We hope you’ll suggest a topic you’d be interested in discussing or learning about. A standard meetup might be 75 minutes long, and we’ll adhere to the Micro.Blog community guidelines.

Who are the facilitators?

Pete (@Pimoore) Pete works in print publishing by day and is a writer and aspiring author by night, from Ontario, Canada. Cheri (@Cheri) is an indie mystery writer from Seattle, USA.

When’s the Meetup? How can I get involved?

If you’re interested, please fill out this survey to help us finalize days and times, as well to give us input on topics of interest for the first few meetings. Be sure to leave us your email address, and we’ll reach out with a sign up link and more specifics when we’re ready to go, assuming there’s enough interest.

Thanks for your time, fellow writers! We’re looking forward to your input on the survey.

Cheri Baker
Pete Moore

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