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Building Blocks

Children aren’t afraid to rearrange their LEGO™ blocks, perhaps we should do the same

I’m sure many of us have fond memories of playing with LEGO™ growing up, and how our mind often ran away with taking everything apart and building countless different creations. There’s one key strength children possess that adults have sadly lost, and that’s being adaptable to change. Constantly playing, learning, and growing, both physically and mentally, children aren’t afraid to tear it all down and put it back together again. They aren’t so rigid that once they’ve placed those building blocks it can’t be modified, tweaked, or made bigger and better.

As adults we’ve become resistant to, and afraid of change. Part of that is through no fault of our own, as we live in stressful and difficult times. It’s understandable that we’d not want to rock the boat in any way lest it capsize underneath us. The other part however, stems from what I believe is a genuine loss in our ability to truly recognize that life is a moving target, and the key to manoeuvring that boat successfully through all ocean conditions is to be flexible and adaptable. We cannot avoid those waves that life tosses our way, but we can alter our path or tactics to make them less impactful.

Just like that child reconfiguring those LEGO™ blocks to enjoy something new and exciting, so to must we as adults look at those building blocks of life as being malleable. Too often we limit our choices and opportunities to better ourselves because we feel like everything in our life is already built, and set in stone. When we’re unhappy, stuck in a rut, or just looking to take on a new hobby, project, or even a career path, we can’t move forward without adapting ourselves and our lifestyle. These are the times we especially need to take a page out of the children’s book of getting through life…

Don’t be afraid to play with those building blocks.

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