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like a changing of the guards the sumac signals from its bastion points alongside the road ocular chromatic cues of amber and crimson a layered dabbing of a painters brush on nature’s lush canvas subtle signs of the coming artistic masterpiece

Earth long bathed in a deep solar sauna weary to its core does it exhale deep breaths of freedom cool sighs of relief in preparation for its grand metamorphosis in a cacophony of a windy orchestra the fresh scents of change tickling our olfactory senses with each inhale reminding us of the impermanence in all things of the chameleon underneath our feet

bursts of vivid colours in the artist’s collage now dotting the entire landscape a giant layered collage of autumnal sensations Earth itself tossing around the fallen leaves in the breeze like a curious and excited child enjoying the innocence of a playful moment followed by cold rains that wash away the ashes and embers of a long summer ushering in a hemispheric hibernation

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