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It's Alive...

Because sooner or later, everyone has to do some dogfooding

Never have I had so much fun designing something not only for myself, but to ultimately share with the community. Admittedly, I had a slight bit of trepidation removing my custom CSS file, switching my base theme to blank, and selecting my new theme from the drop down menu. Perhaps then my heart slightly palpitated after clicking the “Update Microblog Settings” button, as I thought to myself hopefully this doesn’t break my site into a hundred pieces, as I still have to clean up the mess and pay for them. True story, though all of the server refresh cycles on my test blog should’ve allayed my fears. Even before coming to, I knew this was a theme I wanted to use. So much so, in fact, that way back when I almost bit the bullet on using Jekyll — regardless how I felt about it — because it had this theme already pre-made by someone else:

Tufte A theme inspired from the design and typography layouts of Edward Tufte, and based heavily on the Tufte-CSS project, with my own personal tweaks and additions.

I’ll make a more detailed post showing off everything once I’m ready to release it. In the meantime, I’ll be over here in my secret underground web design lair counting spider webs in the corners, drinking copious amounts of inspiration — or patience — boosting coffee, and using said beverage to wash down the remnants of my own dog food I wonder if dog food tastes like chicken? while I test my newest creation on my live site.

The mad scientist in me is grinning from ear to ear right now.

No actual dog food was confiscated from actual puppies in order to build and test this theme. Remember, I’m dedicated. Not crazy.

Me, This claim is not disputed

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