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It’s about time we stop freely donating the best of our content and stories to Twitter. As Josh Sullivan aptly writes:

I’ve realized as time goes on I either don’t have the patience or mindset to follow a Tweet Story. Something about the breaking up of a 6 paragraphs into 10 or more tweets is too much hassle to try to follow. It should be a blog post, IMHO.

This is so painfully true, and I suffered from the same inability to be drawn into a story posted this way on Twitter. Ignoring entirely the awkwardness forced upon both poster and reader by the draconian character limits and obtuse threading system, it also deprives the writer of truly owning their content should they only be posting on Twitter outright instead of linking to the full post on their blog. A potentially life-changing story for someone else could quickly and sadly be swept under the digital rug of Twitter’s constantly expanding Rube Goldberg Timeline Machine. Or, just as swiftly — though perhaps not nearly as likely — Twitter could close up shop and confine the words to the digital ether.

In either case, the end result is the same.

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