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We Can

We can circumnavigate and map out the world.
We can put humans on the surface of The Moon.
We can zoom out to a black hole, or into a single atom.
We can peer inside a live human body.
We can create computers more powerful than the Space Shuttle that fit in our pocket.

We can break down physical barriers to chat with people on the other side of the Earth.
We can harness the power of the wind, water, and The Sun.
We can explore crushing depths of the ocean while safely floating on the surface.
We can create art, literature, and music that ignite our inspiration and span the ages.

We can travel back in time by peering out further into the farthest reaches of the cosmos.
We can discover the very nature of the macroscopic world around us, the microscopic world within us, and the subatomic world of the particles that make up everything we know, including us.
We can map out the very molecule of life itself.

We can recreate the moment at the beginning of time, and the universe, in a linear accelerator.
We can perform brain surgery while talking to the patient.
We can walk a high wire across the Grand Canyon, or skydive from the outer atmosphere.
We can take flight amongst the clouds.

We can move mountains, or tunnel straight through them.
We can record and study our entire history and existence.
We can replace parts of our body with machines.
We can endure immense pain, catastrophe, and suffering, then still dust ourselves off afterward and keep going.
We can read books and build beautifully detailed worlds in our mind.

We can gaze upon the stars and contemplate our future.
We can do things our ancestors would see as performing miracles, but we now take for granted.
We can sing, and we can dance.
We can laugh, or we can cry.
We can love.
We can do only that which isn’t limited by physics, or sheer human imagination.

We can make a life worth living, worth remembering.
We can be whomever and whatever we want to be.
We can, and we do.
Whether we’re feeling lost, disheartened, or inspired for something better,
Instead of thinking about what we can’t do,
Always remember what we can.

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