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More Comments and Replies Please 🔗

Great post by Greg Morris talking about the difference between blogging and social media:

“You have no idea what people are saying about you because no one seems to leave comments or write replies any more, if there was more interaction on the web without having to get super nerdy on the indie web then maybe we could all quit Twitter.”

I love this idea of bringing conversation back to blogs and away from the dopamine hits of Twitter, but I also agree that some people wouldn’t understand or be interested in a service such as webmentions. However, there’s another veteran technology of the internet that is a perfect second option:


I’m planning on adopting an open invitation to contact me or reply to my posts via email. I’ve interacted with several writers via email, and not only were the conversations enjoyable and genuine, the people were ecstatic to know someone was reading and getting value from their content.

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