Imagine how much of our limited time we’ve lost needlessly criticizing ourselves for mistakes, instead of praising ourselves for everything we do right.

Coming in the next version of Hitchens…

My inner and outer geek are smiling from ear to ear right now. Well, that is after I just picked my jaw up off the floor.

To any of my fellow iPad-only users who use Blink Shell; do yourselves a favour and drop whatever you’re doing for the moment, then watch this video from the developer and prepare to have your mind blown.

I’ll wait…

Hitchens for

”An inarguably well designed theme”. Ported from and based on Hitchens for Jekyll, by Pat Dryburgh.

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Hitchens theme tease: 😉

snowy ribbons drift
a blustery winter kiss
dances on asphalt

Minimalism shouldn’t be defined by how little you have, rather how little you need.

Nothing On Tap

It’s gonna be a dry year…

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Don’t judge me, dammit.

On Quitting Social Media

Taking back our calm, focus, and attention spans.

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