Ate two peanut butter and jam sandwiches for lunch today. Yes, it was crunchy peanut butter and raspberry jam, because Iā€™m not an animal.

Am I doing this adulting thing right?

Regardless what faith you choose ā€” or not ā€” to follow, I will always stand by my assertion that religion in all forms has zero place in politics. Governing decisions should never be based on any religious will or doctrine.

They should be based solely on our humanity.

Broken Dreams

How many times must we speak out for those who’ve been wrongly silenced?

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Drove past a Gremlin today. I wonder if they were playing Stairway to Heaven?

If you get it, you get it.

Another season, and another unsurprising first round choke by the Leafs.

I think I’m done cheering for this team. Even a loyal fan can only take so much disappointment before they question their personal sanity and life choices.

Yes, I sometimes talk to myself.
No, I haven’t gotten an answer back.
I’m calling that a win.

Just watched a video about the American equivalent of Russia’s “Doomsday Plane”, used to keep leaders and officials safe and able to continue directing nuclear forces during escalation and exchange. They described it as impressive.

More like terrifying.

Never would I have thought in addition to reading dystopian fiction, that I’d end up reading dystopian reality.

Dear phone scammers who not only keep pestering us every single day, but are now using computer voice response systems to stop us from verbally ripping you a new one,

Kindly and thoroughly get bent.

For further discussion on this matter, please provide your home number and your normal dinner hours so we can reach you promptly.


Everyone with a phone.

D’oh Leafs D’oh?

Not only did I watch a losing game, but I had to hear complaints from my wife that she could’ve watched Survivor instead.

Perhaps I would’ve been better off watching it too, and I can’t stand the show. šŸ˜‚