Thinking of taking a Canadian trip on my vacation in July, and can’t decide between B.C. or Newfoundland. Haven’t seen the coast of BC (only interior), versus NL to which I’ve never been. I’d love to see the mountains again, but pictures I’ve seen of the east coast are stunning.

Any thoughts?

🔖 What Blogs Should Be

When Leon Paternoster writes something about web design, I always read closely and pay attention.

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Seems unlikely that we’ll end up with a single unified social web platform. I like Mastodon’s focus on communities. I like Bluesky’s thinking on distributed moderation. I like the IndieWeb’s principles of ownership. I like Nostr’s private messaging. How will we tie all of this together? Blogs.

Spot on. This highlights that blogs — and email in my opinion — will continue to be an important universal platform for communication on the web. Other services are a dime a dozen, but blogging isn’t going anywhere.

I was just reminded of a vehicle with a “Freedom” decal, no doubt in support of recent insurrections in Ottawa. To those people I say this:

If your freedom is so infringed upon living here, feel free to go to Ukraine and pick up a weapon. If you survive, then you can tell me about your freedom.

Just to clarify it’s pronounced GIF, not GIF.

My toxic trait is rancid gas after eating egg salad. Am I doing this right?

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.


Just saw one of the coolest and geekiest blog themes ever, over on Loura’s site. Between the UNIX terminal design, BeOS-esque icon homepage, and vibes of an old school BBS, I can almost hear the modem sounds as these pages load. 😍

Surfacing The Things You Need

There are far too many gems to highlight just one in Greg’s article, so my suggestion is to treat yourself and go read the whole thing right now.

It’s ironic — but perhaps no coincidence — that some of the most enjoyable rituals are those that completely eschew technology.