thunder echoes within the hollowness
reverberating through empty chambers
a heart of stone

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Today, tell your father you love him. One of these times you’ll also have to say goodbye first.

I love you dad, and miss you deeply.

RIP 1927-2021 💔

Picture of a framed photo of my dad and I skiing when I was young, taken last Christmas and silhouetted by lights

Behold, this is my resting summer “fuck this” face.

Just watched this ASMR video of a V60 porn…I mean pour over, and now I feel like I should delete my browser history.

James Hoffmann: Sounds of Coffee

This video by Chris Lawley takes an honest and exciting look at where iPadOS is headed, and I agree that big things are on the horizon:

What iPadOS 16 Means for iPad Users - YouTube

If you’re an iPad user and not already following Chris, you owe it to yourself to fix that.

Off The Trolley

It was a quick stop at the proverbial pub, but the taps were mostly dry.

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Gotta love getting an email from the OLG (Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation) advising they’ll start charging fees if my account goes unused for long enough. Yet the funds I deposit in the account are my own money. They’re basically forcing me to use the account and keep buying tickets. I decided to do them one better and close the account, only for their site to tell me I need to call support to do that.

How is this even legal?

Seeing the trend of people stating their hopes and dreams for WWDC, here are mine:

  • hardware: don’t care, I’m perfectly content with my setup
  • software: full external display support and multitrack audio recording on iPadOS

Everything else is gravy.

Anticipation is everything.

Lessons Never Learned

Once again this province has no inclination, or ability, to change the status quo that only serves to benefit those at the top. All while ignoring climate change, inequality, and affordability of pretty much everything. Once again, I’m disappointed with the prospect of how much worse things can and will get. Once again, we have chosen poorly. #fail #UnfortunatelyOntarioVoted

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