Something sent by my dad to cheer me up a bit and put a smile on my face this morning.

Well played, sir. Well played. 👍🏻 ❄️

My father peacefully passed away early this morning. Though he’s at peace and not suffering any longer, I also take comfort from the fact that he lives on through me. He is a part of me, and I of him.

Goodbye Dad, I love you. ❤️

You will always be my rock.


We’ve reached a new low kids:

Collins dictionary names NFT the word of the year.

Needless Fucking Tripe. 🤦🏼‍♂️


Memories to wash away the pain…

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“You’re not participating in the snuggling. Snuggling requires petting, squishing, and loving.”

My wife

Who am I to argue with this? ♥️

Recalibrate The Scale

When taring it out simply hides the imbalance.

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Truly inspiring words from today’s Writer’s Meetup:

If you write things that bring you joy, you will find your people.

All. Of. This.

Enjoyed a really great and inspiring inaugural session of the Writer’s Meetup today. Many thanks to @cygnoir @pratik @V_ and @jasraj for joining me to talk all things writing! We all got to share some fantastic insights about what we’re all striving for, and how to bring even more joy to the craft. Also garnered some excellent questions and conversation topics for future sessions.

Already looking forward to the next meetup…


Autumnal gradients. 🍂 📷

New up and coming audio talent, who dis?