Po-TAY-to po-TAW-to, indeed.

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Well shit.

I think I may have finally won the lottery I didn’t want to. Definitely symptomatic for covid, but several tests have been negative. Omicron is notorious for evading the lateral flow tests, so it’s hard not to feel like I’m being toyed with at this point.

🤬 🦠

Blogging should first and foremost always be for yourself. You’ll “find your people” because they will find you.

Given I’m already bald, having what little hair actually still grows stop doing that so I don’t have to shave my head anymore, would be swell. It takes effort to keep myself looking this suave.

If RSS ever disappears, I might have to rage quit the internet.

Being a person with hearing loss, these are the features and touches from Apple that I love and respect. Honestly, this is something everyone can and should use.

Inaction Is A Slow Death, by Better Ideas on YouTube.


I’m approaching 50, and this really hit home. How much living have I missed while dwelling in my own pain, waiting for things to change.

Time to take it on the chin.

The Commonwealth has lost a legend, and iconic ruler. Beyond that, however, the world has lost an incredible human being with an entire lifetime of stories, experiences, and lessons both learned and shared.

London Bridge is down.

R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022. 🇬🇧

iPhone homescreen setup with a dark grey background, and large Drafts widget at the top blended with the background. Apps include Notes, Raindrop, Glass, Halide, Reeder,, Epilogue, and Mimi Uploader. Dock includes Mail, Safari, Messages, and Settings.


Beautiful timepiece arrived, no Apple Watch for me. Solar powered for the win.