"Stop Scrolling Past This" 🔗

Halsted M. Bernard (@cygnoir) shared this eye-opening post about the attacks happening not only on libraries and staff, but our very freedoms of learning, and access to information. Beyond being an important article, it was also a passionate plea for all of us to wake up and do something about it: “My entire career has been founded on the principles of intellectual freedom, so I don’t have the luxury of scrolling past any of this.

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New B5 themed phone setup. This is one of my favourites, and a re-watch is called for methinks.

iPhone home and lock screen setup. Lock screen has an Earth Alliance wallpaper from the Babylon 5 sci-fi series. No widgets, and gold coloured digital clock font. Home Screen has a CARROT Weather widget at the top, two rows of icons, and a blurred version of the same wallpaper.

Reminder at this special time of the year to double-check your supply of coffee will last the whole week, taking into account multiple cups each day.

This PSA been brought to you by Daylight Stupidity Time; needlessly robbing people of well-deserved sleep since World War One.

Happiness is the root system of our life. Only with care and nourishment will it grow and flourish.

New profile pic, because why not?

Black and white portrait selfie of me with shaved head, and big beard. I take these opportunities when I look like I have my shit together very seriously. Normally, I look like a putz.

Me: “Hey Siri, fifteen minute timer.”

Siri: “There are no timers set.”

Perhaps SkyNet is still a ways off after all.

I may look like I have my shit together, but, trust me… this beard in the morning says otherwise.

Black and white selfie of me sitting on the couch after showering and fixing up my beard. Too bad it won’t last…

Current setup:

Screenshot of Home Screen including black and white nature wallpaper of mountains, Carrot weather widget at top, and two rows of icons: Things, Drafts, Notes, Reeder, Overcast, Discord, Micro.blog, and Ice Cubes. Lock Screen has colour version of the same wallpaper, with Carrot Weather above the clock; Drafts, Things, and Halide widgets underneath.

Never be afraid to listen to yourself, as much as you would to others.

Was recently referred to Vuk Andric’s work, and he easily has some of the best wallpapers I’ve ever seen. Do yourself a favour and go check out his talent.